Would you like to acquire a company? Or do you want to sell a company? We match supply and demand of companies in an effective way. And we do this on a large scale and very successfully. With 1.0 million visitors per year, is part of the largest acquisition site in Europe. And we're still growing!

Below, you will find the advertising opportunities for each category: 


(Starting) entrepreneurs

Are you looking for a company to acquire? Or are you looking for a buyer for your company? If so, then add a profile on Go to add profile and follow the instructions.

You can post your profile and pictures based on a six-month subscription. The one-off costs are:
•    €295 excl. VAT for a basic profile. This is a professional placement and includes one-time placement of the profile in the newsletter.
•    €345 excl. VAT for a plus profile. This is a professional placement and placement in the three editions of the newsletter.

You also have the possibility to place the profile internationally. The profile is visible not only in Germany, but also in The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. The one-time costs of an international placement total €495 excl. VAT for both a purchase and sales profile.



Are you subscribing on behalf of your clients as an intermediary in the purchase and sale of companies? If so, then can take a great deal of work out of your hands. Especially for acquisition consultants, we have developed a platform on which you can create, modify and delete profiles through a personal account.

The annual costs are:
•    €995 excl. VAT for unlimited profiles;
•    €795 excl. VAT for up to 10 profiles;
•    €495 excl. VAT for up to 5 profiles.

For more information, visit adviser.



Are you a franchisor and are you actively seeking new franchisees? If so, then has a lot to offer. We have developed a platform specifically for franchisers on which you can record your formula and search for potentially motivated franchisees. Take a look at the franchise platform.

For more information, visit the franchise platform component for franchisers.



Are you an accountant/tax consultant, civil-law notary, lawyer, bank holding company, mediator, appraiser/broker, insurer or investment manager? And do you want to be presented among entrepreneurs who want to buy or sell a company? If so, book a spot under the “Specialist” button. In due time, your organisation will then come to the attention of all buying and/or selling parties in the region(s) of your choice.


Online advertising offers opportunities for online advertising, CPM and rectangles. For more information, please contact us for additional options.

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