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Large retailer in garden furniture

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The Netherlands

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All of the country

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Retail non-food

Type of company


Legal entity

Foreign legal entity

Type of transaction

Assets / liabilities

Life phase enterprise


Employees in FTE

10 - 25

Type of buyer

  • MBI candidate
  • Strategic acquisition
  • Investor

Financial information

Turnover last financial year

€ 2.500.000 - € 5.000.000

Asking price

To be agreed

Earnings before taxes

€ 100.000 - € 250.000

Company history/background

The owner of this company has developed his business into one of the largest and most beautiful garden furniture shops in the Netherlands. The company has a beautiful showroom and a well-developed website. Given his age, the entrepreneur considers the time ripe to wind down his activities.

Company activities

The company specialises in furniture and related products for outdoor living around the house.  The products sold include:  - Garden sets - Lounge sets - Garden tables and chairs - Sun loungers - Sun umbrellas - Barbecues and outdoor kitchens - Fire tables - Protective covers etc.

Unique selling points

As one of the few companies in the sector, it has many well-known brands in its range, and its turnover has grown by double digits every year for more than five years in a row.  In recent years, a web shop has also been launched, which is becoming increasingly successful, but with further development there is certainly room for even more turnover.  


It is particularly interesting for a strategic party wishing to expand its market area. In addition to industry players, it may also be very suitable for a company that has an opposite seasonal pattern, as a result of which a more even level of activity can be achieved throughout the year. Acquiring this company may also be interesting for an investor who can bring in management or for an MBI candidate with ample financial possibilities.

Large retailer in garden furniture
The Netherlands
Retail non-food
For sale
2.500.000 - 5.000.000
To be agreed

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