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State-of-the-art - automated - babysitting platform

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IT service

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  • MBI candidate
  • Strategic acquisition
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€ 0 - € 100.000

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€ 0 - € 250.000

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€ 0 - € 100.000

Company history/background

The platform was launched in 2020 to fill the visible gap between parents and babysitters. Due to shortage of regular babysitting opportunities, the platform is growing fast.
Its creators want to sell the platform to focus more on other ongoing projects.

The platform was founded by a programmer and former nanny. This combination has created a unique and innovative working method, which is experienced as successful (low-threshold) by parents and babysitters.

Company activities

The platform mediates between families/demanding parents looking for a babysitter, and babysitters who want to earn something on the side.

The platform operates nationwide, with a hard core in the Utrecht and Rotterdam region.


Unique selling points

The platform features a WhatsApp integration, giving the confidence of direct contact while most communication and operations are automated.

What makes this platform unique is the high level of automation, think of: 

  • Automated and scalable Google Ads based on supply/demand
  • An introductory system (scheduling, video calls and immediate booking of all appointments)
  • All administration - such as payments of babysitters and affiliates - via bank integration
  • Well-converting SEO pages that generate multiple client and babysitter registrations via search engines on a daily basis (free of charge)
Furthermore, this platform has a hard core of satisfied demand parents and babysitters. As a result, many repeat customers and revenue.


This platform is looking for interested parties who want to develop it further to make it the number 1 platform in NL (and outside NL).
We purely sell the technology and any (hourly) technical support/development.

State-of-the-art - automated - babysitting platform
IT service
For sale
0 - 100.000
0 - 250.000

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