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Patent nose filter technology

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Our client has developed and patented a wearable device in combination with headset. The device provides filtered clean air in a very comfortable way to the user by means of the unique patented valve technology with additional developed blower driver software. 

This application is unique in its design, light weight and ease of use (feels like glasses for example). The device is individually adaptable and can be used for consumer and medical applications.

The patented valve technology, in the headset, ensures comfortable, normal and natural breathing and always delivers clean filtered air while breathing.

The technology allows the use of high-quality filters without being obstructive in the field of vision and without increasing breathing resistance.

This application fits perfectly in these times, when respiratory hygiene and vitality are becoming an essential part of life for many.

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Company activities

Our client wishes to sell the patent to a party that can be expected to manufacture / market the device.

A transaction in combination with royalties is negotiable.

Client is willing to assist during a transition period to be agreed upon.

Patent extensions outside the Netherlands, Europe and USA are currently pending.