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Stop Smoking Practice Laser Therapy

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On behalf of our client, we are pleased to offer for sale a practice in which persons wishing to stop smoking are successfully enabled to do so by means of effective laser therapy.

This therapy is successfully used by our client since the 90s. It is the most effective treatment to stop smoking; approx. 75% of the treated smokers stopped smoking after the first treatment.

The client wishes to sell the practice because she is moving abroad.

In connection with this, she has gradually reduced the size of the practice and Covid has also played an important role due to the complications with traveling from her foreign residence.

Company activities

The practice is located in South Limburg, one has built a good reputation with much interest from Germany. However, the practice is not bound by location and a modest representative treatment and reception room is sufficient for the performance of the activities.

Excellent website and good international domain names.

Acquisition of this practice may be interesting for a party with an affinity with this matter or related such as health, acupuncture, paramedical practice, body care, wellness.

At an average of 2 treatments per day of about 1 hour per treatment, the annual turnover based on 40 working weeks can amount to about € 78,000, at very low costs.

Client is asking a purchase price of € 49.750.

She is happy to train and coach an acquiring party during an appropriate transition period.

The practice is unique in its kind and has limited competition.

In terms of marketing, the practice has been floating since inception solely on the advocacy of successfully treated clients.

There are plenty of growth opportunities available, including by approaching target groups including the corporate market.

Stop Smoking Practice Laser Therapy
Service industry
For sale
0 - 100.000
0 - 100.000