European code of conduct complies with European code of conduct

For a number of years, our Dutch partner has been functioning as an external advisor for a working group from the European Commission with the aim of improving the functioning of acquisition platforms in Europe. The model of and is central here and is therefore the first to comply with the code of conduct as adopted by the European Commission.

European Code of conduct

The aim of this code of conduct is to give the acquisition platforms (much) more insight with regard to both the organization that operates the database and the qualitative aspects of this database. Actuality and first-line information provision are focus points. meets all these criteria and is therefore one of the first acquisition platforms in Germany that can carry the so-called "code of conduct".


A good example follows

Because other EU countries have become experienced with the working methods and functionalities of, discussions are being held with several governments to set up an equivalent of this platform in these countries. With the help of such a database, these countries directly comply with the earlier recommendations made by the European Commission to make the market for business transfers in SMEs more transparent.


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